Lauren Ware Morand


Lauren Ware Morand headshot
Lauren is one of Nous’ regulation offer leaders, bringing broad expertise in regulatory policy and practice.
She has worked with clients to lift performance and support agile, risk-based and intelligence-led regulation and create regulatory frameworks that remain fit-for-purpose. Lauren spent six years working in management at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, including driving large-scale, whole-of-government initiatives affected by health and environmental issues and with significant cross-departmental cost implications. She is skilled in research and analysis, managing ethically complex projects and working in complex stakeholder environments.

Influential work

  • Reviewed the Food Standards Australia New Zealand act and its operations to redefine its role in a modern food regulatory system
  • Identified regulatory options to better oversee primary health data, balancing competing stakeholder priorities to ensure greater access and use of data while protecting privacy, data security and commercial interests
  • Evaluated the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s deregulation strategy and identified the approaches through which central agencies could be most influential in driving significant reform agendas
  • Directed a review of an industry regulator and how it executed its statutory remit related to complaints handling, exploring different facets of its operating model and making enhancement recommendations
  • Currently working with a state health department to define its role as system manager and establish robust governance of the cancer system.

Outside of Nous

Lauren is passionate about healthcare and patient rights and sat on the Human Research Ethics Committee at the Royal Women’s Hospital for six years. She holds a Master of Public Health, a Bachelor of Science (psychology) and a Bachelor of Arts (French) from the University of NSW. She also holds a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults from Cambridge University.

In her spare time...

Lauren can be found playing basketball and netball (quite badly) and building pillow forts (quite well) with her husband and two young children.