Lexi Kilmartin


Lexi Kilmartin headshot
Lexi is a data-driven consultant with extensive experience working with software and platforms companies and higher education institutions.
She leverages her background in public speaking to present data insights clearly and concisely. She brings experience in stakeholder engagement, data analysis and visualisation, technology strategy and public policy analysis.

Influential work

  • Undertook workforce data analysis and created a workforce planning dashboard used by the CFO of a FAANG company
  • Created $98 million in savings through improvement of customer experience for a FAANG client
  • Identified risk a FAANG client’s risk areas, resulting in global policy changes to improve customer safety
  • Managed the digitisation and launch of a youth leadership program and digital skills program, reaching over 2000 students in the first three months.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Lexi worked as a Value Engineer at Citrix, contributing to thought leadership on privacy by design within remote workforce solutions. She also worked as a Technology Strategy Consultant at Accenture Ireland, primarily working with large software and platforms clients in the FAANGs.

Lexi recently completed a Master of Public Policy, focusing on digital policy and international privacy policy. She also studied history, politics and international relations as an undergraduate and wrote her thesis on smart border systems.

In her spare time...

Lexi spends her spare time cooking and playing with her rabbit, Hops. Having recently moved to Canada from Ireland, she is keen to experience Canadian culture and get involved in Canadian sports.