Megan Larney


NousGroup Background Pattern
Megan is a proactive consultant who is talented at big-picture thinking.
Growing up in both Australia and South Africa has given her a unique perspective to solving complex business problems and a high level of emotional intelligence. Megan graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), receiving the Dean’s commendation for academic excellence in every semester of study.

Influential work

  • Performed quality assurance of the curriculum for the re-accreditation of the Master of Engineering Communication as a part of the Curriculum Standards Committee at QUT
  • Collaborated on a research project for South Bank Corporation, using qualitative and quantitative data to provide recommendations on how it could leverage digital technologies in preparation for the upcoming Brisbane Olympic Games
  • Competed in four international case competitions in the Netherlands as a representative of QUT, developing client-focused solutions on problems related to innovation, management, sustainability and business succession
  • Created a business proposal for a large radiology company, identifying how it could incorporate Big Data and Machine Learning to help streamline certain processes
  • Implemented a lean business model and increased brand awareness through social media for a house-sitting start-up.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Megan worked in a range of industries in the healthcare sector; including radiology, oncology and allied health. During this time, she completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in biomedical science; and a Graduate Certificate in Public Health at the University of Queensland. She then completed a Master of Business Management at QUT, where she was chosen to study overseas at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Megan also volunteers at QUT as a Curriculum Standard Committee Student Member. This committee ensures that QUT maintains its self-accrediting process and that courses are of an appropriate standard according to the Higher Education Standards framework and QUT guidelines.

In her spare time...

Megan enjoys Sunday markets, hosting extravagant dinner parties and completing items on her never-ending bucket list. Whether it’s boating in Croatia or hiking in Tasmania, Megan is ready for adventure.