Megha Sevekari


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Megha seeks to understand client issues at their root and implement ground-up solutions.
She is passionate about working with governments and in the justice and emergency management sectors. Megha loves collaborating with clients and colleagues to generate exciting and creative ideas.

Influential work

  • Co-ordinated an event designed to help young people overcome information fatigue and make politics a more approachable way to solve problems, alongside Saath Youth
  • Founded and hosted a podcast that tackled social issues through an academic lens, driven by a passion to combat misinformation on social media
  • Founded a brand that celebrated what it is for individuals to have a dual South-Asian and Australian identity, creating a safe space for expression of creativity and fashion
  • Volunteered with Youth Law Australia to create policies that aligned YLA with the National Child Safe Principles.

Outside of Nous

At university Megha volunteered in local youth-based organisations, including MKA Youth, Youth Law Australia, and Saath (Society for Arts, Activism, Teamwork and Humanitarianism) Youth. She is looking forward to doing bigger and better things in the local youth community.

After finishing her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of New South Wales, Megha fell in love with travelling and hopes to continue exploring the world in the coming years.

In her spare time...

Megha loves Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian dance, theatre acting, and spending a good day at the beach.


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