Michael Tremblay


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Michael has a PhD in philosophy and an extensive background in organised problem-solving, research, and analytic reasoning.
He has experience in various industries, including education and healthcare. Michael enjoys solving complex business problems through a combination of structured reasoning and lateral thinking.

Influential Work

  • Assisted the user–centred redesign of a university’s student services
  • Led the redesign of several services within a university’s student recruitment unit
  • Supported the evaluation of a university’s business school program offerings
  • Provided recommendations for the organisational structure of Facilities & Operations at a Canadian University.

Outside of Nous

Michael was previously an instructor at a Queen’s University course on logic. Prior to consulting, he had a focus on research, where he published peer-reviewed philosophy papers and book chapters. Michael is also a jiu-jitsu coach, during which he has coached athletes internationally.

Michael holds a PhD in Philosophy from Queen’s University and a Master and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in philosophy) from Carleton University.

In his spare time...

Michael is an avid martial arts enthusiast. He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and a former varsity wrestler.


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