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Murphy Wright

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Murphy is a Manager with experience across government departments in human services, health, education and emergency services.

Murphy is known for her effective communication skills and her collaborative approach to problem solving. She has extensive experience in community engagement and a strong ability to understand and engage effectively with stakeholders in sensitive environments.

Influential work

  • Project-managed the Review of Housing functions and processes and the design of the future social housing operating model
  • Supported the Mental Health Commission to refine the service model and facility requirements for a youth mental health and alcohol-and-other-drugs homelessness service
  • Undertook complex consultations with diverse stakeholders; including government and service providers, community groups, local stakeholders and at-risk young people; to develop a youth engagement strategy for the Fitzroy Valley
  • Supported the Western Australia (WA) Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to mobilise an incident management team and develop its Incident Action Plan in preparation for a potential second wave of COVID-19
  • Project-managed the review of the Norseman West Complex of Bushfires to identify the state and local impact of the prolonged rail and road disruption on WA’s supply chain, infrastructure and economy.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Murphy studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Australia. She also spent a few years travelling and living overseas before joining Nous as a Graduate Consultant in 2018.

In her spare time...

Murphy enjoys reading, cooking and getting into a good Netflix series. She is a keen traveller and loves a weekend away in WA’s southwest with her friends.

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