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Murray Smith

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Murray has three years of legal experience spanning criminal defence and financial service regulation.

His analytical approach to tasks is underpinned by a strong client-centric mindset fostered through extensive experience in consultative sales. He has worked with major Australian financial services providers, ASX 200 companies and not-for-profit organisations, focusing on open justice and Indigenous affairs. He has a track record at being a diligent, team-oriented worker showing initiative while working autonomously.

Influential work

  • Designed and implemented compliance methodologies for two major Australian financial services providers to comply with the 2017 Royal Commission into Banking
  • Assisted over 110 Indigenous clients apply for and receive bail throughout their trial in conjunction with the Aboriginal Legal Service
  • Co-organised legal mock trials for the University of Technology student body and assisted in designing soft-code programs focused on access to justice using Neota Logic
  • Conducted market research and analytical modelling assessing possible financial implications of COVID-19.

Outside of Nous

Murray has previously designed and implemented compliance methodologies for financial service providers to comply with the 2017 Royal Commission into Banking recommendations. Most recently he has assisted in large-scale insurance litigation matters, where he conducted extensive research and stakeholder evaluations. Murray has maintained a passion for computing, participating in soft-code think tanks to improve access to justice and undertaking further studies in IT systems.

Interested in efficiency, improvement and data led solutions, Murray hopes to expand his skillset at Nous while delivering agile and impactful results making meaningful change.

In his spare time...

Murray is an avid gym-goer and heavily involved in fitness. Any holiday must involve hiking or snowboarding. He has lived in Canada, France and the Netherlands.

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