Murray Smith

Senior Consultant
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Murray has three years of legal experience spanning criminal defence and financial service regulation.

He has consulted and held workshops with various stakeholders to develop strategic plans; frameworks; and insights for public, private and not-for-profit organisations. Murray combines a nuanced approach to engagement with quantitative rigour, developing cost-benefit, market forecasting and industry trend analysis for public and private health initiatives. His work experience has involved regulatory reform, litigation and risk analysis for Aboriginal Legal Service, insurers and ASX 200 companies.

Influential work

  • Developed a workforce capability framework and job role profiles for an Australian Government department, consulting with 12 workforce cross-segments to gain insights into emerging workforce requirements, leading to a new training framework and plan
  • Conducted a top-down operating model review and process optimisation for an Australian Government unit, engaging cross-level staff to understand workflow processes, identifying inefficiencies and risks that fed into recommendations for substantial operational and process improvements
  • Conducted market sizing, revenue forecasting and business labour analysis for an innovative medical technology platform
  • Developed a cost-benefit-analysis for a replicable urgent care model through extensive engagement with more than 20 stakeholders and supported by a five-year cost-benefit analysis.

Outside of Nous

Murray designed and implemented compliance methodologies for financial service providers to comply with the 2017 Royal Commission into Banking recommendations. Most recently he assisted in large-scale insurance litigation matters, where he conducted extensive research and stakeholder evaluations. Murray has maintained a passion for computing, participating in soft-code think tanks to improve access to justice and undertaking further studies in IT systems.

Murray holds a Bachelor of Commerce (finance) and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology Sydney, the latter partially completed at Maastricht University (Netherlands) focusing on International Trade Law. He also has a Certificate in Cyber Security and IT Systems (TAFE NSW).

In his spare time...

Murray is an avid gym-goer and heavily involved in fitness. Any holiday must involve hiking or snowboarding. He has lived in Canada, France and the Netherlands.