Orji Obang Oyway


NousGroup Background Pattern
Orji is an analytical and driven professional with a strong affinity to mathematics.
He has a relentless work ethic while making sure the highest quality of work is completed. Orji has a strong passion for numbers and continues to improve his ability in various coding languages. He is a very upbeat and open person who thrives on collaboration and learning from colleagues.

Influential work

  • Collaborated and implemented a growth mapping model for universities
  • Developed a long-term strategy to assess teams’ ability to create a tax payment modelling system and implement it in specific European Union governments
  • Established a highly successful coaching business that has consistently produced top national players and built a client base of more than 50 individuals
  • Developed a practical crisis payment solution for aiding Ukrainian war survivors in receiving and sending payments to support their rebuilding and regathering efforts after displacement.

Outside of Nous

Orji is a dedicated entrepreneur who actively manages his coaching business and remains involved in the competitive scene. A skilled tennis player, he concluded his university career as the top-ranked singles player in London and a member of the second-ranked doubles team. He has held prominent leadership roles within the Queen Mary Tennis Club, serving as the co-president and the men’s captain for three years, while also fulfilling the responsibilities of treasurer for two years. Orji also gained valuable professional experience at Visa, where he worked in the Pricing & Interchange department. Additionally, interned at Deloitte and Nous.

Orji holds a Bachelor of Science (mathematics with foundation) from Queen Mary University of London.

In his spare time...

Orji consistently participates in the national premier league of club tennis during the summer season.