Ray Messom


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Ray has more than 20 years of professional experience in healthcare in Australia and Canada, working across academia, public and private sectors, including as a CEO.
He is a visionary leader with a track record of designing and executing strategies that are grounded in evidence yet collaborative and consultative in their approach. He is passionate about driving equitable access, system improvement and person-centred approaches.

Influential work

  • Served as CEO of WentWest, Western Sydney’s Primary Health Network, one of 31 PHNs across Australia that are experts on the primary health care needs in their region and central drivers for reform, integration and equitable access.
  • Led a team that supported more than 6,000 medical staff, allied health, nurses and support staff across more than 700 private and not-for-profit organisations
  • Led the New South Wales Ministry of Health’s System Information & Analytics Branch in the System Purchasing and Performance Division
  • Led data, analytics and digital improvements across 228 hospitals (delivering annually more than 1.9 million hospital admissions, 2.8 million emergency department presentations, 15 million community or outpatient occasions of service and 220,000 elective surgeries)
  • At PwC, worked across every Canadian province and every Australian state and territory, leading significant reform projects in primary care, aged care, disability care and social services, driving integrated care, digital and funding-model innovations.

Outside of Nous

Ray is passionate about health system reform and continuous quality improvement. He is on the board of the Healthicare, a not-for-profit organisation in Western Sydney he helped to create while the CEO of WentWest. Healthicare exemplifies what the future of primary care could look like, achieving valuable outcomes that matter to people by applying an innovative team-based approach. It also aims to demonstrate a new approach to funding, digital, integrating health and social care around the family.

In 2022, Ray was a top-five finalist for Australian NFP CEO of the Year.

In his spare time...

Ray loves travelling and exploring new cultures with his family. He is a primary school ice hockey and soccer coach. His wife and children are dual citizens of Canada and Australia.