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Rosanna Hurst

Senior Consultant
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Rosanna is an experienced problem-solver who has worked in sectors ranging from education and healthcare to justice and government.

With an academic background in psychological and behavioural science, Rosanna enjoys solving social problems. She uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis skills to understand the root cause of client’s problems and ultimately achieve positive influence.

Influential work

  • Implemented futures methodologies to stress-test a program of work in the defence sector to ensure its resilience to the challenges and opportunities of an ever-evolving world
  • Facilitated a scenario planning exercise for a global university’s expanding branch to position it strategically in relation to the broader university and higher education sector more widely
  • Trained postgraduate students over three weeks in how to successfully run consulting projects to benefit organisations in the local community, including the city council and police
  • Conducted a workforce capability analysis of perinatal mental health professionals working across England, including engaging a range of NHS professionals, voluntary sector workers and people with lived experience of perinatal mental health problems
  • Facilitated workshops with senior digital leaders to inform an implementation plan for a university’s new digital strategy and re-design the university’s digital operating model.

Outside of Nous

Rosanna was a Cambridge Blue and a leader in various outreach programs for King's College and the University of Cambridge. She worked with a student-run homelessness charity, managing fundraising and publicity for her college. She also worked with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the North of England gain places at top universities as part of an access initiative run by King's College, and has led sports sessions for adults with disabilities.

Rosanna holds a Master of Philosophy in criminological research and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

In her spare time...

Rosanna is a keen sportswoman and adventurer.

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