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Sally Higgins

Senior Consultant
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Sally has worked on projects with private and public sector clients across government and defence, health and ageing, human services, central and economic agencies and education.

Her projects have focused on partnering with organisations to support workforce capability and planning, implementation of organisational transformation and change, economic and outcome evaluations, and business strategy development. Previously she worked as an organisational development specialist, where she designed and coordinated organisation-wide culture and engagement activities.

Influential work

  • Completed an economic and outcomes evaluation of a regional social infrastructure grant program, involving extensive stakeholder engagement with regional community members, local councils and state government staff
  • Supported the implementation of a workforce capability model for the customer service division a large Australian Government agency, including defining the training and capability requirements, identifying systems and change considerations, redesigning key roles and conducting a cost-benefit analysis of implementation
  • Developed a tailored strategic investment framework for a major government agency overviewing the selection, prioritisation and management of investment portfolios to achieve strategic priorities, and created fit-for-purpose supporting templates, including a business case and detailed scoring criteria.

Outside of Nous

As an organisational development specialist, Sally designed and coordinated organisation-wide culture and engagement activities. This included the ongoing success of a graduate program – including recruitment, selection and placement of graduates – and an annual organisation-wide employee engagement survey, including communications, data analysis and results distribution.

Prior to joining Nous, Sally completed her business honours studies exploring the decline of rural Australia due to the selective service withdrawal of banks and building societies and the response of the people and communities affected. This research fueled Sally’s passionate for regional development and planning.

In her spare time...

Sally enjoys getting active and being outdoors. She loves spending time outside of the city and running her small grain-cropping farm on the Darling Downs.

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