Sujay Chakrabarty


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Sujay is a highly skilled and passionate professional who brings immense value to clients.
With expertise in health data science, programming languages like Python and Stata, statistical analysis, machine learning and data visualisation, he provides comprehensive solutions to complex challenges. Sujay’s proactive and collaborative approach, coupled with excellent communication skills, foster a positive and productive environment. Clients can rely on Sujay for exceptional results and a genuine passion for his work.

Influential work

  • Was involved in COVID-19 laboratory operations optimisation, including leading high-volume lab operations, processing up to 93,000 samples daily and using efficient protocols and automated systems for accurate and timely PCR testing
  • As a Technology UK Intern, developed an in-house project scope for a banking facial sign-in system, gaining experience in agile scrum methodologies
  • Developed the project scope for face verification software, collaborating with global peers
  • Led the Keele Hindu Society as President directly after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Orchestrated student society functions and events for society members directly after the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching pre-pandemic levels of attendance and profit.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Sujay completed a Bachelor of Science (neuroscience and computer science) at Keele University and a Master of Science (health data science) at University College London. He worked as a COVID-19 lab technician during the peak of the pandemic, processing samples through PCR. He has also led the Keele Hindu Society as both President and General Secretary during his undergraduate degree.

In his spare time...

Sujay enjoys sports such as Formula One motor racing and basketball, as well as working out. He also enjoys visiting new countries and experiencing different cultures.


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