Tarryn Raath

Senior Visual Designer - Strategy Lead

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Tarryn is a creative designer working across the business to provide visual design for many different outputs.
She has a special interest in illustration and motion design providing high quality animation and video. She collaborates with project teams to produce clear visual communication and design outputs for deliverables including websites, reports, proposals, corporate communication pieces, animation, video and 3D virtual spaces.

Influential work

  • Created five large posters for a major international financial intuition to market a leadership program
  • Set up a compelling presentation template for a major Australian financial institution
  • Created a complex infographic to represent relationships between international students and Australian education providers
  • Created animation marketing tool for a business service offering
  • Edited and created videos for a government organisation as a training tool for a nationally run program.

Outside of Nous

Tarryn started out as a high school history and biology teacher in South Africa before moving to Australia and eventually studying to become a graphic designer.

Tarryn has a Diploma of Graphic Design, Diploma of Project Management, Higher Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Arts.

In her spare time...

Outside of Nous, Tarryn is a mother, runner and very keen netballer. Her interests are dancing, street art, illustration and animation.


Key Capabilities