Tim Balaguru

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Tim is a Graduate Consultant in Nous’ Melbourne office.

His work experience spans primarily sports and education – including roles in the university’s tennis and business school students’ clubs and as a tutor. His studies focused on management, including finance, and science.

Influential work

  • Devised a marketing strategy that contributed to a 30% increase in social media engagement during an internship at a crowdfunding start-up
  • Implemented two new weekly events as co-president of the Melbourne University Tennis Club, funded through cost savings attained by minimising unnecessary expenditure
  • Led an initiative to minimise duplicate payments (and hence the number of refunds that must be processed) by improving channels of communication between stakeholders, leading to a 25% decrease in the time spent on refunds
  • Completed internships at a Private Equity boutique and a crowdfunding start-up
  • Tutored undergraduate students in an official capacity for The University of Melbourne’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Tim worked as a Financial Analyst in the Business Services Department of The University of Melbourne. Passionate about sports, he was also co-president of Melbourne University Tennis Club and represented the university’s tennis pennant team. Passionate about students’ learning outcomes, he was a sponsorship officer at The Melbourne Business School Student Association and an academic tutor for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Tim holds a Master of Management (Finance) and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from The University of Melbourne. He has also volunteered for a range of not-for-profit organisations such as The Salvation Army and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia.

In his spare time...

Tim enjoys playing tennis, going to the gym, playing board games and exploring Melbourne’s amazing food scene.