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Tom Holman

Senior Consultant
Tom is passionate about solving complex problems facing businesses and people.

 With a background in international business and economics, he has experience in medical devices and start-ups. 

Influential Work

  • Coordinated the submission of eight government health tenders in Australia and New Zealand 
  • Developed a sales incentive scheme for a medical devices company 
  • Established reporting and tracking of market share, sales performance and sales force productivity for a medical devices company 
  • Completed a consultancy assignment for a social enterprise in Vietnam. 

Outside of Nous

Tom was previously a commercial analyst in the medical devices industry. He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of International Business and a Bachelor of Economics. In and around his studies, Tom’s passion for business and people has led him to be involved in education and technology start-ups. 

In his spare time...

Tom enjoys soul music and is a bassist who plays at dive bars, weddings and his local church. He loves sports and the outdoors and looks forward to Australian rugby being restored to its former glory. 

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