Trisha Santhanam

Director, Design

Trisha Santhanam headshot
Trisha is a strategic and service designer with more than 10 years of experience in strategy and customer experience.
She has led research, design and development of customer-centric programs for established Australian and multi-national organisations. Having worked across different cultures and geographies, she is interested in tackling challenges of equity and diversity and working with organisations to envision more equitable futures for all.

Influential work

  • Led a diversity and inclusion (D&I) review for a health organisation to facilitate understanding enablers and barriers, delivering a roadmap of prioritised initiatives to embed D&I
  • Conducted service blueprint mapping of the end-to-end experience of a government agency’s services, creating a shared understanding of the current state of service delivery and identifying opportunities to improve
  • Led a service design review for a state health government branch on the service response for people from multicultural communities, identifying implementable solutions in a complex service system
  • Conducted research to identify Melbourne multicultural communities’ city-related needs, informing opportunities for the city council to better understand and engage its communities
  • Led co-design and testing of ways to redesign the planning permit application process as part of a wider system reform, working with the state government and councils and engaging planners, applicants, citizens and community groups

Outside of Nous

Trisha's experience prior to Nous spans a decade at renowned digital and creative agencies. Based in Singapore, she shaped and led customer experience and digital projects for global and Fortune 500 brands. After moving to Melbourne in 2018, she continued to design experiences and services for established Australian brands. She now lives in Darwin.

Trisha holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from National University of Singapore and has completed an RMIT Future Skills course in Design Thinking for Innovation.

In her spare time...

If not travelling, Trisha is most likely to be found curled up with a book and a coffee, out on a walk in nature, or practising or teaching yoga.