Vaish Sarode


NousGroup Background Pattern
Vaishnavi combines analytical skills with strong communication skills to ensure value-driven outcomes tailored to client needs.
Her science background combines with experience gained as an academic tutor to fuel her passion for creating positive change.

Outside of Nous

Vaishnavi was awarded a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne. She undertook a research project in collaboration with St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, attempting to uncover the structure and function of specific proteins involved in the immune system.

Throughout her degree, Vaishnavi worked as a Guest Service Agent, during which she enjoyed meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life. She also spends time volunteering within her cultural community, where she teaches dance and helps organise and coordinate events.

In her spare time...

Vaishnavi enjoys dancing, music and hiking. She loves spending time outdoors with friends and family, including going on hikes.