William Richards

Senior Consultant
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Will is a lateral thinker who leverages his experiences across science, accounting and evaluations to analyse complex multi-disciplinary challenges and generate unique insights and solutions.

He has experience applying quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques and has led stakeholder engagements with a range of organisations, including businesses, industry groups and government agencies.

Influential work

  • Coordinated the preparation and delivery of a business case for a genomics information management system, including a bespoke, modular financial model.
  • Developed strategic and operational planning documents and tools to support change management during a major transformation project, including a PowerBI dashboard.
  • Delivered a series of communications products as part of a significant transformation project within a major Australian Government department
  • Led the preparation and analysis of complex components for an Auditor-General report
  • Was a team member on multiple performance audits, including several of Australian Government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Led a genetics research project to develop a novel method for quantifying bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria).

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Will studied commerce and science, where he developed an appreciation for the synergies of the two disciplines and how they can be utilised to solve complex inter-disciplinary problems. He subsequently worked in the Australian Public Service for three years. He has also worked for several years at the St Kilda Football Club and the Canberra Raiders Rugby League Club across membership and retail operations.

Will holds a Bachelor of Commerce (accounting) and a Bachelor of Science (genetics) from Monash University. He is currently undertaking the Certified Practising Accounting program.

In his spare time...

Will is a sports fanatic and plays in multiple sports teams and is a Saints tragic. He also enjoys listening to folk music and dabbles in playing the ukulele.


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