Winuri de Alwis

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Winuri brings significant expertise in policy development and excellent interpersonal skills to provide innovative outcomes for clients.

Her research and policy experience in legal, diplomatic and international affairs-based organisations combine with her law and international relations knowledge to enable her to solve complex client problems. Winuri’s volunteering roles in the international relations sector, alongside extensive overseas study experiences, have given her a valuable global outlook on client and stakeholder interests.

Influential work

  • Developed a civic strategy for the British Consulate General on how the consulate could work with Victorian organisations to meet the government’s public diplomacy goals
  • Co-wrote a report on the compatibility of Australian juries’ legislation with international human rights law, which was submitted to the UN Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and State Attorney Generals
  • Spearheaded research into improving Australia’s foreign policy through deepening relationships between federal diplomacy, development and defence departments
  • Led the development of an internship program between Monash University and the Consular Corps Melbourne that students can undertake as part of their international relations degree.

Outside of Nous

Winuri was involved with the Monash International Affairs Society for three years. She held the roles of Sponsorships Officer, Academics Officer and President. In partnership with her team and diplomatic networks, she led the creation of networking events, conferences and interdisciplinary events for the club’s student members.

Winuri has contributed to several publications on international relations and environmental and social justice issues. She has worked at the British Consulate General on public diplomacy projects, at Asialink on improving Australia’s foreign policy approaches, and at the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law on investigating Australia’s compatibility with international human rights law. Her international relations degree has allowed her to undertake vibrant study experiences in Washington, Jerusalem, Borneo and Italy.

Winuri holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Global Studies from Monash University.

In her spare time...

Winuri loves Formula One racing and creating art for her Instagram illustrations account and is learning Spanish again.