Zac Braxton-Smith


Zac Braxton-Smith headshot
Zac creates public value by managing projects across the policy cycle and managing organisational change.
He has deep experience in policy development, stakeholder engagement, reviews, organisational design and implementation across a range of sectors. Recently, Zac has helped regulators across the development, building and construction industries to enhance processing times, staff engagement and outcomes for the private and public sectors.

Influential work

  • Conducted a ‘root and branch’ review to update and improve all business processes for a significant Queensland regulator
  • Undertook policy design to cut red tape and support community organisations to deliver better outcomes
  • Undertook stakeholder engagement to report on the impact of new legislation on the building and construction industry
  • As subject matter expert and project manager, undertook process design for a significant government service-delivery agency to enhance customer outcomes
  • Reviewed a major service-delivery agency’s whole-of-organisational approach to innovation.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Zac worked in a state and local government for five years, across policy development, regulation, crisis management, media and public relations. Zac is currently pursuing further study in urban planning.

In his spare time...

Zac enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading and spending time with friends and family. His friends will tell you that Zac is a tragic for print journalism.