Nathanael Yates

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Nathanael has more than 10 years of experience as a scientist in biomedical research and tertiary education.

He has a passion for improving health outcomes through therapeutic development, policy, evaluation and translation. Nathanael brings skills in diverse analytical methods, healthcare evaluation, intellectual property, commercialisation and in-depth understanding of the tertiary education sector. He has a flexible and rigorous analytical mindset developed from years probing complex problems and exploring the implementation of best practice in patient treatment.

Influential work

  • Reviewed the best practice for treating preterm infant brain injury resulting in a comprehensive reference for state-of-the-art therapies and evidence base
  • Evaluated more than 12 therapies for brain injury and psychiatric disease, including repurposed drugs, novel drugs, three brain stimulation technologies and medical device development
  • Discovered fundamental links between maternal vitamin D levels, reproductive health and offspring development
  • Developed a new way of analysing poor quality medical images in a highly adaptable manner, opening the ability analyse many brain scans that would otherwise be unusable
  • Developed a theoretical framework for understanding the link between sleep disruption and the symptoms of schizophrenia, and insights into clinical management.

Outside of Nous

Nathanael has worked as a neuroscience researcher at the University of Western Australia and the University of Queensland. Nathanael has a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, commercialisation and healthcare improvement. He has used diverse scientific methods and advanced technologies to probe the biology of neurotrauma, neurodegenerative disease, medical brain stimulation devices, psychiatry and reproductive biology.

His work contributes to understanding biology underlying brain health. It produced scientific reviews of clinical practice and theory for Parkinson’s disease therapies, sleep disruption in schizophrenia, brain stimulation for depression and neuroprotection for premature infants. He has experience in using diverse healthcare technologies.

Nathanael received his Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience and Physiology), Honours Degree and PhD from the University of Western Australia.

In his spare time...

Nathanael loves nothing more than being silly with his kids, reading textbooks about entirely new subjects, and playing too many video games.


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