Ziggy Turner

Senior Consultant

NousGroup Background Pattern
Ziggy is a Senior Consultant with experience in strategy, education and engineering, coupling his degree in electrical and biomedical engineering with experience in education and resources.
He has a strong background in quantitative and analytical thinking, problem solving and stakeholder engagement. Ziggy enjoys a challenge and is interested in using technology to solve organisational challenges.

Influential Work

  • Served as a Non-Executive Director on the University of Queensland Board of Directors (Senate)
  • Recognised by the Australian Financial Review as a 2020 Top 100 Future Leader for his work in higher education, engineering and youth development
  • Developed automated tools and reporting systems to identify operational delays in Queensland mining environments while working with stakeholders to increase mining efficiency
  • Managed the overhaul of teaching and learning standards for a keystone engineering course in a Go8 university
  • Managed and led major engineering projects across Queensland mine sites, including upgrading a site-wide diesel vehicle fleet to meet statutory requirements.

Outside of Nous

Before Nous, Ziggy worked in industry. He worked in the resources, power and industry team at AECOM, a Fortune 500 engineering consultancy, and also with a multinational miner on data analytics and project management as part of the asset management team. He was also a University of Queensland Excellence Scholarship recipient, and during his studies he completed three rural placements in open and underground mines in the Bowen Basin. He served on the UQ Board of Directors (Senate), representing undergraduate students.

In his spare time...

Ziggy enjoys playing social touch football and soccer and spending time with friends. He also hikes, a hobby he developed while living in Canada for a year.