Transport & Infrastructure

Transport & Infrastructure

People’s patterns and behaviours are changing, compelling transport and infrastructure providers and regulators to rethink the way they operate. For many organisations new ideas, capabilities and expertise will be needed to identify and respond to the dynamic changes taking place.

Transport’s challenges are multi-faceted: evolving transport infrastructure and services to meet changing mobility preferences, adopting and regulating digital technologies to better plan and operate transport systems, and contributing to the decarbonisation of energy.

Our consultants have expertise in strategy, organisational performance and policy development; and specialist skills in transport and infrastructure to resolve the most pressing challenges. Our award-winning approach involves working collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke solutions that deliver results.

Our consulting services include


Tightening budgets and a need to reduce carbon emissions are informing the strategy of many transport and infrastructure providers. Our consultants can support your organisation to develop a procurement strategy, to adapt to commercial, pricing and financing challenges, and to plan for decarbonisation.

Operating model and culture

To succeed, an operating model must be fit-for-purpose and requires the right culture to make it a reality. Our consultants can work with you on challenges including organisational design, cultural improvement and stakeholder engagement.

Regulation and policy

Governments are under pressure to deliver holistic responses to the technological disruption that is changing the nature of infrastructure, transport and cities. Our consultants offer expertise in regulatory design, policy evaluation, facilitating investment and innovation, optimised procurement processes and pricing reviews.

Design and data capability

Agile design techniques and rich data analysis are essential to developing transport and infrastructure solutions that empower users to make choices that best meet their needs. Our consultants can support your organisation with human-centred design, design sprints, user needs analysis and analytics using our Data Assets Warehouse for Nous.

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If we don’t act now, delivery of public infrastructure projects – ranging from critical energy pipelines to an expanded road and rail network and resilient telecommunications – will be at risk.

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