We are an international management consultancy

We work with leaders in the private, public and community sectors on issues that have a substantial positive influence on people's lives.

With our broad consulting capability and large international network, we can solve your most complex strategic challenges and partner with you through transformational change.



We answer your most complex strategic questions

Effective strategy cuts through complexity. It reveals the market opportunities to be pursued and the capabilities needed to win.

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Public Policy

We provide innovative public policy advice to government

For policy to move from a good idea to good outcomes, it needs a sound evidence base, supportive stakeholders and commitment from key decision makers.

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We help governments develop quality regulation

At its best, regulation can create the right environment to manage risks and set up communities and businesses to thrive.

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We provide rigorous economic insights to inform decisions

For leaders faced with great uncertainty, robust economic analysis can give you the evidence base you need to win funding and progress your agenda.

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We design and conduct fit-for-purpose evaluation and monitoring frameworks

Evaluation is essential for informed, evidence-based decision-making, effective policy and program design, and successful implementation.

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First Nations

We are committed to supporting the First Nations-led agenda

We are a trusted partner for First Nations and non-Indigenous clients working across sectors.

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Transformation & Implementation

We deliver transformation initiatives that have lasting outcomes

Responding successfully to the scale and pace of change requires organisations to continuously adapt, and occasionally transform, to deliver value to customers and citizens.

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Organisational Performance

We design and realign businesses to lift performance

To perform at its best, your organisation needs to align its operating model, culture and workforce to its purpose and strategy.

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Leadership & Capability

We develop leaders and facilitate learning at work

Great leaders matter. They set direction, navigate ambiguity, mobilise people, build capability and create the culture that drives performance.

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Data & Analytics

We use datasets and analytics to improve performance

To gain a competitive edge, organisations must know what data to collect and how to use it to make better decisions.

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We design digital strategies, products and services

The proliferation of new business models mean that governments and businesses must lift their pace – and be willing to self-disrupt – to maintain relevance, while protecting themselves and their customers against new threats.

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We work with you to co-design and implement solutions

Design at Nous is underpinned by the philosophy and process of human-centred design.

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Experience our award-winning culture - Nous Group

Experience our award-winning culture