Leadership, Governance and Standards

Nous Group's leadership and governance

Nous Group’s governance and leadership structure enables us to make informed and strategic decisions at a global level to best serve our clients and support our people to deliver quality outcomes aligned to our purpose of positive influence. 

Our international team of more than 750 people is led by our CEO and Managing Principal, Tim Orton, and the Nous Executive Board (NEB). Tim and the NEB are supported by the Nous Advisory Council and network of Principals with account, client and financial delegations. The Nous Advisory Council (NAC) plays a key role in Nous’ governance. It provides the NEB with a cross-business perspective, representing consulting and corporate roles, all offices, and the diversity of our business.

We believe in the sustaining power of great leadership and we have developed a Nous model of leadership that draws on proven leadership practices in a way that inspires our people and our clients. Leadership at Nous is defined by four key dimensions – spirit, service, performance and collaboration.

Professional standards

We operate in accordance with a suite of client service policies, which enables us to uphold the highest professional standards while effectively collaborating with stakeholders to build trust and support the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Slide outlining Nous Group's professional standards

The Nous Executive Board