Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Nous was established on the principle of positive influence

This reflects our shared sense of optimism and ambition for a better future and our intent to change people’s lives for the better.

We have established a positive influence measurement system. This assesses the impact and reach of our consulting work in achieving positive influence. We review our performance every six months against this measure, alongside other typical business scorecard metrics like clients, people and culture and financial performance.

Our commitment to agendas of national significance

We choose to make specific commitments on issues when we feel we have an ability to achieve positive influence.

Contributing to a carbon neutral society

Serious and sustained action is needed through the 21st century to limit damaging climate change from growing levels of atmospheric carbon. How energy is made and used in households, industry, transport and agriculture is at the start of a profound global transformation.


We accept and embrace our corporate and social responsibility to help reduce global emissions to net zero by 2050. This statement summarises our intent and what we will do.

Wind turbine farm at sunset

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

We acknowledge that people have different experiences, and some people navigate (often unseen) barriers, unconscious bias and intersectional experiences. Equity, diversity and inclusion is essential to a just and equitable society and to the experience and performance of individuals at Nous and all workplaces.


Our goal is to be an inclusive, equitable workplace that celebrates the diversity and value of all Nousers and meets the diverse needs of our clients.

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