Why Join Nous?

Why Join Nous?

We do interesting work that matters

As a genuinely purposed-based firm, we create positive influence by partnering with clients to improve people’s lives. To support this, we have created an inclusive culture built on a foundation of high performance, trust, and collaboration.

We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone can be their authentic self and realise their professional and personal aspirations. We value diversity in our people because we believe it is critical to diversity in our thinking – and that’s key to delivering a bigger idea of success.

Below are a few reasons why you might consider joining us.

Contribute to interesting and meaningful work

No matter what stage in your career, you will be a valued contributor to high-impact projects that significantly improve people’s lives.


You will be a partner to leading organisations in uncovering opportunities, solving complex challenges and realising a bigger idea of success. Our clients include major government departments, universities, ASX 100 companies and national not-for-profit organisations.


We know the best answers are not the easy answers – so we bring teams together with complementary strengths to deliver creative approaches that help our clients to succeed and our people to grow.

Group of Nous employees in a workshop

You will be a part of our award-winning culture

Our culture has always been a defining feature of Nous and maintaining it is a constant priority. We believe that if you create the right conditions for the group and individuals to flourish, both will do so.


We recruit people – Nousers – who love what they do and gain immense enjoyment and satisfaction from working on interesting challenges with smart, collaborative colleagues.


We run on a foundation of trust, and high performance. Each Nouser individually contributes to our culture, and as a result we are regularly named as one of Australia’s top companies to work.

We offer an outstanding work environment for you to build your career

We intend that work at Nous will allow you to fully realise your professional aspirations. Nous is much more than just a job with a pay cheque. We hire people – Nousers – who love what they do, who are inherently high achievers, and who gain immense enjoyment and satisfaction from working on interesting challenges, with smart, collaborative colleagues. And who like to smile and have fun along the way!

The best feature of work at Nous is the challenging projects you take on. From supporting a government department to develop policy proposals on emerging topics to helping universities to best meet the needs of stakeholders and enabling businesses to find the right operating model, every project will require you to think through complexity. You can read about our projects to learn more about our work.

Nous runs on a foundation of trust, self-management and high performance, which shapes the way we engage and reward Nousers. We do not aim to do what everyone else does; we do what is right for Nous and Nousers, because we believe that if you create the right conditions for people to flourish, they will do so.

The benefits of employment are reflected in our employment package:

Your wellbeing matters

We enable you to do your best work by fostering an environment where you can openly discuss your wellbeing and receive understanding and support. We have built a strong culture of care and connection within a self-managed environment – this means you are encouraged to blend your time working with other activities that support your wellbeing.

We’re invested in your success

At Nous, the ‘we’ is more important than the ‘me’ and we all have a responsibility to help each other grow and succeed.

You’ll be empowered to grow and develop your career at a pace that balances your professional and personal ambitions. The speed of your progression depends on your performance, professional aspirations and career development goals – and we’ve got the systems in place to help you make them a reality.

We embrace hybrid working

Flexible work has always been embedded into our culture and all Nousers are equipped to work anywhere. We believe you can be successful working from different locations at different times. Our hybrid working model allows you to work where you will be most productive and deliver the best outcomes for our clients, while still maintaining and prioritising the interaction and care and connection that is so critical to our culture.

Nous employees working at a whiteboard in a design workshop

We care about our social impact

We are determined to improve people’s lives and we want the geographies we operate in to be prosperous and cohesive. We challenge ourselves to make a positive impact. We support not-for-profit and community organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme and we also have initiatives in place to support environmental sustainability, diversity and social inclusion, reconciliation and social procurement.