Customer-led design of new government services strategy for Australia Post

Customer-led design of new government services strategy for Australia Post


Australia Post is a government owned corporation that provides local and international postal services from locations across Australia. Australia Post is Australia’s oldest continually operating organisation, having been founded in 1809.

Australia Post sought to understand customer preferences for the provision of government transactional services

With over the counter service revenue declining, Australia Post sought to understand customers’ desire to undertake a broader range of transactional government services through Australia Post. Nous was engaged to support the research and development of a customer driven strategy to grow the organisation’s government services business.

Nous really helped to give us structure, to be our reality check…but also brought specialised expertise and deep expertise in the domain we were researching.

Daryl Sadgrove

Head of Customer Engagement Services

We adopted an agile, customer-centred design approach

Over a period of nine months we worked collaboratively with Australia Post staff to:

Understand the challenge and set parameters for success – The project started with a review of previous research, staff and customer interviews, and customer workshops to understand current experiences and expectations. This information was then synthesised to create customer personas and define design principles for the government transaction service.

Develop and extensively test prototypes – Based on the insights gleaned from our extensive research, we developed three service prototypes and tested them with customers. To further confirm service viability, Nous developed a supporting survey to validate qualitative insights with a representative sample of the Australian population. We also led the development of a market model to project market size and the potential benefit to government of transitioning services to Australia Post.

The work identified a significant financial opportunity for Australia Post

The work we undertook in partnership with Australia Post identified a $500m new service opportunity for the business. It has provided the organisation with a clearer understanding of the service features customers value; the implications of taking on new government services; and the financial opportunity for both Australia Post and government.

What you can learn from Australia Post

  • Research projects require the right resources – people who understand research and design and who can help shape and add value to the project
  • Combining human centred design-based research with quantitative modelling gives powerful responses to key strategic questions
  • When engaging an external partner in a research project, close collaboration, openness and trust are critical enablers of success