Helping a state government department to implement a new operating model

Helping a state government department to implement a new operating model

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Our client was a central state government department.

The department wanted help to implement its new operating model

To advance the operating model Nous had developed, the department sought our assistance to drive implementation.

Nous was engaged to develop an implementation plan for an incoming change leader, to provide advice on three new deputy director-general positions, to review a specific division in line with the new operating model for an incoming deputy director-general, and to develop a more collaborative culture.

Nous enabled four implementation activities

Nous helped the department with four implementation activities:

  1. We developed a draft implementation plan that outlined clear timeframes and responsibilities, using Instagantt to test the feasibility of using digital tools.
  2. To provide insights on three new deputy director-general positions we conducted several semi-structured interviews with senior internal and external officials with a focus on each role’s required accountabilities, capabilities and authority.
  3. To review the division for the incoming deputy director-general, we conducted interviews with the general managers and their direct reports, ran a 60-person workshop to discuss the operating model’s implementation and extensively reviewed corporate documents and business processes.
  4. To engender a shared understanding of collaboration, we designed and facilitated four all-staff workshops that laid the groundwork for further themed workshops.

Nous helped the department implement its operating model

The department’s deployment of the new operating model was guided by the implementation plan Nous delivered, our advice on the new deputy director-general positions, and a series of priority actions and insights defined as part of the division review.

The department succeeded with transition of its new senior leaders into their roles and its new operating model has delivered improved outcomes for citizens.

What you can learn from the department

Clear timeframes and responsibilities are crucial to an implementation plan.

A shared understanding of collaboration is key to operating model implementation.

Digital tools can enhance an implementation plan.