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Helping a statutory body modernise its ICT

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Our client was a state government statutory body involved in planning.

An ambitious strategy required better use of technology

The government agency needed to improve its use of information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver its ambitious organisational strategy. It partnered with Nous to develop an ICT strategy and plan that would cut manual and duplicated processes, improve digital engagement with the public, leverage data and analytics and better respond to changing requirements and challenges.

We analysed the current state and assessed options

Nous sought to understand the organisation’s business requirements and develop principles that reflected the organisation’s goals, stakeholder needs and external drivers. We:

  • engaged with stakeholders through interviews and workshops to understand the current technology, processes and tools, end-user design preferences and opportunities for improvement
  • developed journey maps and ICT systems architectures to reflect the current state and articulate the desired future state
  • evaluated alternate solution approaches, the extent of integration with other agencies and how best to leverage existing government procurement arrangements.

The resulting ICT strategy mapped 10 initiatives across major functions to support the agency to be more collaborative, data-driven and flexible. It reduces reliance on spreadsheets, improves use of digital collaboration and engagement tools, revises processes and proposes new ICT resources.

The ICT strategy will improve information management and reduce duplication

The strategy will enable the government agency to:

  • access timely and accurate information to inform decisions
  • reduce the risk of human error and duplication
  • undertake robust public consultation via virtual engagement
  • take a data-driven approach to continuous improvement.

The agency noted that the strategy fully reflects the organisation’s requirements.

What you can learn from this work

An ICT ecosystem will only succeed if supported by capable people and relevant processes.

Staff familiarity with a legacy system should not impede efforts to improving ways of working.

Aligning an ICT strategy with existing whole-of-government solutions can take advantage of procurement cost savings and familiar skill sets.