Using human centred design to transform the client experience at the Transport Accident Commission

Using human-centred design to transform the client experience at the Transport Accident Commission

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The Transport Accident Commission (the TAC) is a Victorian Government-owned organisation that promotes road safety, improves the state’s trauma system and supports people injured in or affected by transport accidents.

The TAC wanted to reimagine personal injury insurance compensation

The TAC wanted to improve the way it worked with clients who had been in or affected by transport accidents and were eligible for compensation. It sought Nous’ help to innovatively redesign processes to deliver a service to help its clients have greater choice in and earlier access to compensation to get their lives back on track.

We engaged in discovery, design and delivery

Nous undertook a process of discovery to understand the opportunities available. We:

  1. analysed existing practices at the TAC, researching social insurers in other states and outside Australia
  2. interviewed clients, staff and other stakeholders to understand their experience
  3. synthesised the findings to uncover what clients were really looking for when it came to compensation.

We found that although each part of the TAC was client-focused in its delivery, clients really wanted all areas to work together to put the client at the centre. We therefore used human-centred design to work with the TAC and its clients to create an improved client experience. We used structured ideation to identify new products and services and tested prototypes with clients to gain feedback to inform further development.

Client focused and centric illustration
Client focused and centric illustration

We helped the TAC build its capabilities

Nous delivered a suite of new service and product options that tested positively with clients for an improved compensation experience, along with recommendations to progressively implement each solution through iterative development and ongoing client feedback. Throughout the project we worked onsite with the TAC to help it develop its internal innovation capability and human-centred design practices, providing it with new skills and an approach to repeat for continuous product and service development.

What you can learn from the TAC

Openness to new approaches is essential to achieving sustained improvement.

Human-centred design can help organisations design what customers need.

Close collaboration with outside experts can help an organisation develop its own capabilities.