Supporting a legal services organisation to adapt to a changing market

Supporting a legal services organisation to adapt to a changing market

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Our client is a legal services organisation with more than 2000 members.

Business development required a strategic plan

The member-based organisation was developing a four-year strategic plan (2020-2024) that could be used to measure performance, drive annual business planning and respond to competitive pressures.

Consultation captured insights from stakeholders

Nous consulted with members, in-house counsel, law firms, judiciary and government to test and refine a draft plan. This process helped to build buy-in to the strategy and made clear that the plan should prioritise preparing members for the future of legal services and supporting business development.

We distilled the strategy on a single page, including:

  • vision and purpose
  • four objectives
  • strategies to achieve the objectives
  • indicators of success
  • core internal capabilities and enablers for delivering on the strategy.

Alongside the strategy, we provided guidance on improving data collection to measure performance against the strategy.

Strategic plan is helping organisation meet member needs

The strategic plan, which was well received by its steering committee, positions the organisation to maintain and expand its market share. The strategy will support the organisation to deliver services that members use and value, while also helping it attract and develop talented members.

We are working with the client on its 2020 business plan, translating the strategic plan into initiatives to expand market share, better support the needs of members and enable a quality profession.

What you can learn from the legal services organisation

Effective strategic planning needs to include measurable objectives and provide a user-friendly platform for business planning.

Consultation with members is essential to staying focused on the needs of members.

Strategic plans need to prepare an organisation to deal with future challenges and opportunities.