Supporting Queen Mary University of London to develop a 10 year growth strategy

Supporting Queen Mary University of London to develop a 10-year growth strategy

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Queen Mary University of London is a Russell Group university with more than 20,000 students. It is a leading UK research university with a strong commitment to social justice and student diversity.

The university needed a new strategy to achieve its 2030 aspirations

Queen Mary University sought a 10-year growth strategy to help it achieve its ambitious 2030 goals. The university has a highly decentralised structure in which individual schools were operating with significant autonomy. This had historically made operational and strategic decision-making complex.

Nous’ consultation and analysis of the current state informed the future strategy

Nous combined extensive consultations across Queen Mary University and its faculties with detailed analysis of the university’s teaching and research performance. We:

  1. used the outputs to develop four size and shape visions for 2030, each with the potential to fulfill the growth aspirations
  2. tested these with the Executive Group in a workshop and agreed on a future vision that combined elements of two visions
  3. conducted further consultations with faculties and professional services staff to understand the university’s major strategic decisions
  4. used the insights to develop recommendations on how to proceed with the growth strategy
  5. presented the recommendations to the Executive Group, who adopted most.

We helped the university create a new strategy aligned with its vision for 2030

Queen Mary University rewrote its draft strategy and enabling plans to better reflect its growth ambitions. Major initiatives over the next 18 months implement several Nous recommendations. This has significantly reduced planned capital expenditure over the next 10 years by better aligning the estates master plan with modern pedagogy and required space.

What you can learn from Queen Mary University

Understanding an institution’s current position is vital for defining an ambitious vision.

Articulating a clear vision helps an institution develop a framework for long- and short-term decision-making.

Effective consultation ensures that an institution’s strategy and vision reflect stakeholder perspectives, resulting in lasting change.