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Redesigning the service delivery model and processes for a financial advisory group to enable rapid growth

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Our client was a financial advisory group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The group sought to improve service and employee experience

A financial advisory group had redesigned its product mix and service offering following the Financial Services Royal Commission to reposition itself as a market-leading, customer-centric organisation. The group engaged Nous to review its operating model and service delivery processes to improve the experience of its advisers and employees, identify efficiencies and support opportunities to grow.

Nous combined human-centred design with an agile approach and lean tools to review the operating model and service delivery

Nous framed the project using our Double Diamond approach, drawing on the framework created by the British Design Council.

Double diamond approach to design
Double diamond approach to design

We reviewed the operating model and service delivery across a series of agile sprints:

  1. Discover – We conducted adviser focus groups and in-depth customer and employee interviews, developed customer personas and journey maps to identify customer needs and interaction pain points, then combined the results to identify service improvement opportunities.
  2. Define – We designed customer experience and scalability principles to align customer, staff and business needs and used these to prioritise the opportunities identified.
  3. Design – We ran four sprints using a combination of human-centred design and lean methodologies to design, prototype and refine initiatives to address the priority opportunities and develop the strategy and framework to engage with customers, deliver services, onboard new clients and conduct file audits.
  4. Deliver – We synthesised findings from across the project and developed an implementation roadmap that sequenced the recommended actions, including quick wins. We also provided functional requirements to ensure improved processes were supported by system enhancements.

The new model improved customer service and cut audit time

Nous delivered a new service delivery model as well as functional requirements to integrate new technology needs, organisational design and cultural consideration recommendations, and an implementation roadmap.

The new model improved customer service wait time and cut audit time
The new model improved customer service wait time and cut audit time

What you can learn from this organisation:

Market-leading organisations can leverage customer-centricity to reduce cost and drive growth.

A human-centred design approach enables a deep understanding of customer needs.

Effectively combining agile and lean tools and methods can deliver significant results quickly.