Supporting a fund manager to review its value proposition to financial advisors

Supporting a fund manager to review its value proposition to financial advisors

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Our client was one of the world’s largest fund managers.

The fund manager wanted to review its value proposition

The fund manager sought to conduct a substantial review of its value proposition for financial advisers, focusing on the tools and support services that help advisers meet the needs of their clients.

Extensive engagement was complemented by thorough research

Nous engaged extensively with experts across the business and financial advisers as part of a rigorous qualitative and quantitative research approach.

We interviewed internal experts to identify key areas to test with advisers; interviewed financial advisers to understand key challenges and opportunities and to test survey design; conducted an online survey of financial advisers; facilitated three focus groups with financial advisers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to probe into the survey results; and interviewed senior people in financial advice dealer groups.

10 recommendations form a new service offer

Nous delivered a final report and presentation to key stakeholders, including senior Australian executives. The report detailed 10 recommendations as part of a new cohesive service offer that will enable the fund manager to compete in the intermediary market beyond product and price.

Financial advisers said an improved service offer would deliver the fund manager improved adviser retention (advisers will stay with the fund manager for longer) and a higher share of wallet (advisers will increase their use of the fund manager’s funds).

The report and presentation received high praise from the fund manager, which expressed appetite to implement all 10 recommendations.

What you can learn from the fund manager

Well-crafted and executed primary research can provide crucial insights to inform service delivery.

Recommendations to improve service delivery must support a cohesive service offer.