Giving a tribunal more clarity on strategic and workforce priorities

Giving a tribunal more clarity on strategic and workforce priorities

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The Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) provides parking and traffic adjudication services for more than 300 local authorities in England and Wales and resolves approximately 30,000 cases each year through, all online.

The tribunal sought a strategic refresh

The TPT wanted to refresh its workforce structure, leadership model and organisational strategy to help its new leadership team build from a position of operational and strategic clarity. This followed major digitisation reforms that had enabled the the TPT to explore new ways of operating.

We used the Nous Organisational Architecture Framework to identify opportunities

Nous examined the TPT’s strategy, operations and enablers by applying the Nous Organisational Architecture Framework. This let us understand where the TPT could develop its processes and approach to better meet its priorities.

Environment in which the tpt operates
Environment in which the tpt operates

In consultation with TPT leadership, we determined that changes to TPT’s strategic development processes and leadership and workforce models would have the greatest impact. This analysis provided a foundation for consultations with TPT leaders, adjudicators and administrative staff members. It also supported us to develop a survey of adjudicators to better understand their strategic priorities and value proposition, and the current and optimal workforce model.

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal has a new path to success

The Nous report – brief and impactful, with a visually compelling data summary – has given the TPT clarity and validation for its strategic choices and recommendations for ways to continue to be a world-leading tribunal, digitally and beyond. We also provided the TPT with a new dataset it can use to deliver a strong and individualised employee value proposition to its adjudicators.

The TPT is now implementing the report’s findings.

What you can learn from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal

Effective organisations should continually invest in new areas of operational excellence; what’s leading edge today becomes common over time.

Long-term flexible and remote working requires ongoing investment in culture and platforms.

Leadership doesn’t just happen; you need the right people in the right roles with the right structures.