Supporting WWF Australia to develop its innovation strategy and operating model

Supporting WWF-Australia to develop its innovation strategy and operating model

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WWF-Australia, the local arm of global advocacy group WWF, is a large not-for-profit organisation with a mission to stop the degradation of the natural environment. It has created Panda Labs, an award-winning innovation program that seeks to accelerate and amplify emerging technologies with positive social and environmental impact.

WWF-Australia sought support for an innovation strategy

As WWF-Australia grew, it relied on experimentation and learning by doing to guide its innovation activities. The organisation wanted support to develop an innovation strategy and to design its operating model.

Through our Community Partnership Scheme, Nous offered discounted support for WWF-Australia to develop an innovation strategy and then later to review and refresh the plan.

The strategy was informed by local and global consultations

Nous worked closely with the WWF-Australia team to undertake global stakeholder engagement, including with the WWF network and external experts in innovation. This sought to understand the context for the strategy, including experiences to date and the challenges faced. This led to a meaningful and practical strategy and operating model.

The success of the strategy and operating model depended on balancing support for innovation with suitable direction. The engagement process was critical in building buy-in among stakeholders to achieve this balance.

Strategy influences global thinking about innovation

The Australian Panda Labs strategy and operating model design were shared with the global network of Panda Labs. The global network looked to Australia, as the founding Panda Labs, for guidance and lessons. The Australian strategy and operating model provided a strong foundation for others in the network to leverage and adapt.

What you can learn from WWF-Australia

Subject-matter experts both within and outside the organisation can be invaluable resources in constructing a strategy.

Innovation requires space to experiment with ideas, so a strategy and operating model can provide useful structures to guide activities.

Engaging staff through consultation uncovers valuable perspectives and encourages buy-in.