Nous Group is pleased to be part of a consortium of companies that is delivering a Health Knowledge Management system to support healthcare services across the Australian Defence Force.

The Department of Defence Chief Information Officer Group has awarded solutions provider Leidos Australia a contract valued at $290 million across four years to deliver the Health Knowledge Management system. Leidos has engaged us to support the project through delivering transformational change services to support personnel readiness and capability to transition to the new system.

Work on the project, Joint Project 2060 Phase 4, commenced in late 2021, with initial operating capability planned for November 2023 and final operating capability for mid-2025.

The Health Knowledge Management system will replace the ADF’s legacy electronic health record product with a modern, patient-centric health solution. The new system will record, store, aggregate and analyse health data and information for the ADF population, unifying multidisciplinary primary and occupational care with emergency and hospital care to enable better clinical decision-making.

For the first time, an electronic health solution will be delivered into the deployed environment to directly support the delivery of healthcare by ADF clinicians. This will ensure all relevant clinical information can be accurately recorded and included in a members’ health record to ensure appropriate, on-going care.

We will be supporting the project with our organisational change management expertise, developed through more than 20 years of work with clients across Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. We have previously undertaken more than 100 projects with the Department of Defence.

Nous Managing Principal and CEO Tim Orton said: “Effective change management is essential to embedding a transformation in an organisation, especially when the change is as far-reaching as that involved in the ADF’s new Health Knowledge Management system. We look forward to deploying our experienced team and expansive frameworks and methodologies to help make JP 2060 Phase 4 a success.”

Leidos Australia CEO Paul Chase said: “Leidos Australia looks forward to working with Defence and our team of exceptional health sector partners to deliver this critical capability to the ADF. Our team’s health expertise, as well as Leidos’ vast Defence experience, will deliver a modern, sovereign solution that will meet the evolving healthcare needs of the ADF.”

More than 95 per cent of the work in JP2060 Phase 4 will be delivered by Australian companies, including Nous. JP2060 Phase 4 will create about 193 full-time-equivalent jobs, primarily in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

The Nous project team will be led by Principal Stewart Howard and Director Harry White from the our Canberra office.