Nous Group has been honoured for its work supporting Indigenous interns by CareerTrackers, which has given Nous a Most Valued Partner Award for 2019.

Nous has partnered with CareerTrackers, which supports the professional development of Indigenous Australians, to provide internship opportunities. Since our partnership commenced in 2016, Nous has taken on more than eight students as interns and offered workshops and training to improve the capabilities of participants.

CareerTrackers has announced that Nous is one of its Most Valued Partners, following workshops for CareerTrackers interns run by Nous in Sydney and Canberra. The award was announced on January 31 at the CareerTrackers’ annual event, attended by 2,500 business and public sector leaders.

The award said: “This award is given to a partner who has worked with us to enhance the student experience in the program in a unique way. The recipient of this award demonstrates outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership towards fulfilling the CareeerTrackers vision.”

Nous’ Sydney CareerTrackers intern Fran Atkins was also honoured for her academic achievements with a Gold Diary, and our Melbourne CareerTrackers intern Nakoma-Sioux Wilson co-chaired a segment of the award presentation.

Tim Orton, Managing Director of Nous Group, said: “Nous has always strived to help Indigenous Australians achieve their full potential, whether as citizens, clients, partners, interns or employees.

“Our partnership with CareerTrackers is integral to Nous, and we are honoured to receive the Most Valued Partner Award. Thank you to CareerTrackers for the acknowledgement, and to our interns, who keep us learning and developing. Congratulations also to Fran and Nakoma-Sioux for their achievements.

“I have learned a lot working alongside our CareerTrackers interns and look forward to continuing to do so.”

Michelle Toy, a current CareerTrackers intern at Nous in Sydney, said: “Interning at Nous has not only allowed me to build my professional skills and networks in both a supportive and challenging environment, but it has also showed me the many different, non-linear opportunities I can pursue using my degree. This has been a really invaluable insight that I am very grateful for.”

Nous Group has been implementing its Reconciliation Action Plan since 2014. Under the latest RAP, Nous is seeking to build and strengthen external relationships, embed and deepen cultural learning, and improve employment outcomes.

Nous’ Indigenous Employment Strategy has involved raising awareness of employment opportunities and updating recruitment practices as we move toward our vision of at least 2 per cent of our workforce being Indigenous Australians.

For 10 years CareerTrackers has been a national non-profit seeking to create pathways and support systems for Indigenous young adults to attend and graduate from university, with high marks, industry experience and bright professional futures. About 95 per cent of alumni are in full-time employment in their field within three months of graduation.