Nous Group is pleased to have supported Ontario’s Laurentian University by undertaking a pair of reviews released this week by the university.

Laurentian has released a Governance Review and an Operational Review, which were prepared by Nous drawing on our expansive exploration of the issues and deep international experience.

The Governance Review included an assessment of Senate and Board processes, policies, structures and overall effectiveness; analysis of governing body materials, minutes, bylaws, agenda, the Laurentian Act, Board members’ CVs and good governance practices; and recommendations to address key issues and gaps.

The Operational Review included an assessment of the strategies, service delivery models, structures, processes, systems and capabilities for seven administrative functions within the university; the development of recommendations for an institution-wide Transformation Program; and a preliminary implementation approach and plan to implement the recommendations.

Kelly Rowe, the Nous Director based in Toronto who led the reviews, thanked the Laurentian community for their participation in the reviews.

“We know Laurentian University is going through challenges at the moment, so we are thankful for the constructive input of stakeholders into the Governance Review and the Operational Review,” Kelly said.

“We hope the outcomes of these reviews are helpful to those charged with making important decisions about the university’s future so Laurentian can continue to provide quality education in Northern Ontario.

“We are pleased that Nous could undertake the reviews, drawing on our experience working with universities across Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia on governance and operational challenges.”

Since establishing a presence in Canada in 2019, Nous has offered consulting support to Canadian universities including Laurentian University, York University, the University of Ottawa, Queen’s University and the University of Alberta.