Nous’ famed large-scale Nous Days has resumed for the first time since the global pandemic, with Australian team members coming together in Sydney, and UK and Canadian team members gathering in Toronto.

The celebration of achievement, connectedness and future ambition marked the first Nous Days to include team members from Nous and NousCubane, which became part of Nous Group in April 2021. The event, running from 27-29 July, took place at Sydney’s International Convention Centre and Toronto’s Marriott City Centre.

The theme for this Nous Days was “Soaring Together”, reflecting the way we are strengthening our connections and developing new ones as we grow our influence as an international firm. Nous and NousCubane now have more than 600 team members across the world.

At Nous Days we launched our 2022-2025 strategy, which will set the pathway for Nous and NousCubane to build on past success to achieve future growth in scale and positive influence. The new strategy is accompanied by a new brand position, which will be reflected in Nous’ upcoming communications to highlight our position as leading international management consultancy.

Nous Days also featured the Nous line-up to demonstrate the growth of our organisation, the cushion awards to celebrate individual and team successes, and the Nous Days party at which an inventive array of weird and wonderful costumes were on display.

“For millennia, people have been coming together to connect with their communities, to catch up with old friends and to make new friends,” Managing Principal and CEO Tim Orton said. “At Nous for the last 23 years we’ve been coming together every six months to catch up with old colleagues, to greet new colleagues, to learn and to listen from each other and to plan for the future.”

During the period of the pandemic the traditional twice-yearly Nous Days took place via a combination of local in-person meetings and virtual connections. This large-scale in person gathering, conducted under strict COVID safety protocols overseen by Nouser Dr Paul Eleftheriou, was the first since the Nous Days in Melbourne in December 2019.