Nous has always been committed to the transformative value of education. We are constantly looking to grow the quality and range of work we do, to bring insight and expertise that enhances outcomes for our clients across all levels of education.

As such, we are excited to announce that as of 1 April, 2021 Nous Group acquired 100% of Cubane Consulting, a world leading provider of Higher Education benchmarking services. Cubane is renowned for UniForum – its comprehensive, detailed benchmarking program that enables the continuous exchange of data, insight and best practice in a moderated forum setting.

The partnership between Nous and Cubane stems from over a decade of working together, supporting shared university clients around the world to drive transformative change. We believe that the insights offered by UniForum coupled with access to Nous’ expertise in shaping and implementing improvement programs offers our university clients the opportunity to further strengthen the strategic management of their professional and administrative services.

Together Nous and Cubane form one of the most authoritative Higher Education service businesses operating internationally in Australia and New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. We look forward to our clients experiencing the benefits of this partnership and connecting with our new team members.