Just weeks before the next round of applications for graduate positions opens, Nous Group has been named one of Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employers by GradAustralia.

The 2022 list, prepared by Prosple, uses popularity and quality to assess graduate employers in Australia.

Across their first year at Nous, graduates receive an intensive induction, mentoring throughout their journey and quickly become productive and meaningful contributors to project teams and clients’ success.

Cara Morgan, Nous’ Head of Talent, said the Top 100 listing was a testament to the experience Nous offered its new graduates.

“The Nous graduate intake is a vital way for Nous to recruit and develop people early in their consulting career,” Cara said. “We are pleased to give graduates the tools they need to thrive professionally and personally. In the next year Nous is looking to hire up to 100 new consultants, so there will be lots of opportunities for people to join us.”

This month 30 new graduates commence with Nous in offices across Australia. Reflecting the breadth of experience we seek at Nous, our new graduates include a psychology and business graduate who recently won an Indigenous Academic Student Excellence Award, an MBA graduate who has written about biodiversity conservation and wildlife protection, a mechanical engineer who has worked for a multinational e-commerce corporation and an adrenaline junkie who loves skydiving, roller coasters and jet boating.

The next round of graduate recruitment will open on 21 February, for roles commencing in July 2022 and February 2023. More information will be released on the Nous website and LinkedIn page.