Nous takes important step towards carbon neutral certification

Nous takes important step towards carbon neutral certification


Nous Group has taken another step towards carbon neutral certification by finalising our first fully verified carbon offset emissions portfolio.   

“While offsetting emissions is not new at Nous, this is the first time we have offset all our emissions with verified credits,” Managing Principal and CEO Tim Orton said. “Like many businesses around the world, we have further to go on our journey to carbon neutrality and we are committed to continual improvement as we make that journey.” 

In 2021, our carbon emissions totaled 627 tonnes and were primarily generated by flights and electricity use, both in our offices and work-from-home environments.  

To offset these emissions, our Carbon Accounting Team worked with our teams in Australia, the UK and Canada to design a fully verified portfolio with international reach.  

Our 2021 carbon emissions offset portfolio consists of:

  • Savanna burning credits from the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation’s Karlantijpa North project. These are Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) that reduce the frequency and extent of late dry season fires in savannas, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are all under First Nations control or significant involvement and come with cultural and social co-benefits of connection to Country, employment and knowledge sharing for First Nations custodians.
  • Credits from Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project in Ontario, Canada. These credits support work to promote and maintain the function and diversity of ecosystems along Ontario’s Niagara escarpment. They are verified by the Carbon Consult Group against ISO-14064-2 (the international standard for reporting on greenhouse gas removal). 
  • Gold Standard credits from a wind power project in Madhya Pradesh, India. This project consists of 67 wind turbine generation systems, contributing to long-term carbon reduction through the permanent transition to renewable energy. Gold Standard is one of the most significant, internationally recognised voluntary offset programs, and the wind project provider (Orange Mamtkheda) also invests in social initiatives in the project area.  

“At Nous, we contribute towards a carbon neutral society through both the work we do and the way we operate,” Tim said. “This portfolio is another important step delivering on our broader strategy to reduce and offset our own emissions while importantly working with clients to help them achieve carbon neutrality on a larger scale.” 

We partner with clients to achieve purpose, sustainability and impact, including through addressing climate change. 

We have worked with clients on big environmental challenges, including assisting the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to address the impacts of a rapidly-changing environment, supporting the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to develop a major strategic plan, and developing an evidence base to inform the Victorian Government’s plan for offshore wind. 

We are also part of the Net Zero Australia, a research partnership designed to help individuals, communities, companies and governments appreciate the scale, complexity and cost of the net zero task. 

Published on 19 September 2022