Nathalie Swainston

Head of Marketing

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Nathalie is a senior digital, design and customer strategy leader who works collaboratively with organisations to explore how digital and design can help them achieve their potential; reach their objectives; and best serve their customers, supporters and communities.
She has led many successful digital, design and customer experience projects across financial services, not-for-profit organisations (NFPs), communications and youth services. Nathalie is also passionate about building the capacity of organisations and teams to find new ways of working in an increasingly digital world.

Influential work

  • Designed and delivered an award-winning initiative for one of Australia’s leading banks that brought together technology, service, product and brand to leverage the bank’s application program interface and deliver unprecedented customer re-activation results and exceptional customer experience
  • Co-led the redesign of Australia’s biggest online youth mental health service, resulting in a 27% increase in the number of young people seeking help from the service
  • Developed and implemented the digital, content and supporter strategy for Australia’s fastest growing and most influential climate communications organisation, resulting in 30% growth in supporter community within 12 months
  • Established and implemented the social servicing, marketing and technology capabilities for Australia’s most recommended bank, leading to consistent recognition for industry best practice
  • Led the user research, design and digital strategy for a leading global leadership program for young people

Outside of Nous

Nathalie has worked as a senior digital, marketing and design professional in financial services and NFPs, as well as in strategy and design roles in consulting and global agency networks. She has a strong track record of developing and implementing new capabilities within organisations, building high performing and motivated teams, and delivering complex cross-functional projects.

Nathalie is regularly invited to speak on emerging trends in marketing technology, service design and social and content strategy; and is currently a mentor at EnergyLab, a Sydney-based accelerator focused on new business and technological initiatives to move Australia and the world toward 100% clean energy solutions.

In her spare time...

Nathalie runs a fortnightly live music event in a candlelit warehouse in inner Sydney, and can often be found at farmer’s markets, gigs, quoting the West Wing or adventuring with family.


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