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Environment & Agriculture

Environment & Agriculture

The environment and agriculture are front-of-mind for many communities and policymakers. Good policy depends on building trust through engagement in order to develop resilience to shocks. It is essential for you to craft strategy to improve performance, leveraging data to enable decision-making.

Our consultants take constituents, communities and industries along the journey to win support for strategies, policy and plans, thereby helping to rebuild institutional trust, resolve conflict and craft a direction for the future. We understand the need for greater resilience amid market and climate shocks.

We have worked closely with many agencies in environment and agriculture to develop and review strategies, as well as to improve organisational performance. We use public and novel datasets to inform policy design and service delivery, and develop visual tools that enable data to tell compelling stories.

Our consulting services include

Policy and regulation

Government agencies are seeking to deliver economic or environmental outcomes while minimising regulatory burdens and maximising employment. Our approach to regulation seeks to identify policy response to a regulatory challenge, moving from rules-based laws to principles-based approaches. Our consultants can also support you to effectively engage with stakeholders, even in hostile or complex environments.


Policy success demands effective strategy, which needs to be designed thoughtfully and implemented diligently. This supports organisations to clarify goals and to prioritise investment and staff engagement. Our consultants break strategy down to three core components: strategic analysis, strategic decision making and strategic planning and execution. Together, this holistic approach can deliver quantifiable results.

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Policy reform where the environment connects with the economy and community

We have supported multiple Australian and state government agencies to develop and implement substantial reform efforts in planning, precincts, energy, water and agriculture. Drawing on this experience, we have identified four factors that every policy-maker ought to consider.

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Greater disclosure on sustainability is coming. Here’s how your organisation can get ready

The days when sustainability was merely nice for an organisation to have is long gone. Today stakeholders expect the organisations they buy from, trade with, own shares in and work for will act, measure and report on their sustainability practices.


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