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Financial Services

Financial Services

A strong financial services industry is crucial to any nation’s prosperity. The strategic environment for financial services providers is being challenged by global market volatility, changes to consumer economic and social behaviour, emergent business models and increasing competition from digital disruptors.

Our consultants bring deep expertise assisting organisations in highly regulated industries to improve their performance and to have positive influence. This is particularly relevant to financial services in the context of heightened customer expectations and new regulation.

We work with organisations including banks, credit unions and building societies, superannuation funds, insurers, investors and funds managers, as well as financial regulators and peak bodies.

Our consulting services include


In a changing operating environment with new regulation, many banks have streamlined their operations and refocused on core banking services. The industry also faces technology disruption and changing consumer behaviours. Our consultants can help your bank to grow its operations, assess technology options and identify merger partners.

Financial planning and wealth management

Amid a shifting industry landscape, financial planners and wealth managers are seeking to identify new ways to add value to their clients. Our consultants help financial planners and wealth managers with strategic plans, cost base reductions, leadership development and merger assessments.


The insurance industry faces increasing pressures, including increased competition from non-traditional players, changing consumer behaviours and expectations, technological disruption, and increasing frequency and severity of natural catastrophes impacting claim value and volumes. Our consultants help insurers with developing new products, strategic planning, leadership development and pricing strategy.


To maximise growth, superannuation funds must build scale through new member growth, keep improving products and retain members. Our consultants partner with funds to design strategies and organisations that enable growth, to create and reimagine products and services that provide value, and to help funds understand their retention challenges and develop retention strategies.


How we go beyond checking the boxes on ESG

We think the need for good conduct goes beyond an organisation checking the boxes on ESG responsibilities. We partner with organisations to achieve purpose, sustainability and impact.

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Elderly man withdrawing cash from atm

Financial sector needs to consider the needs of people experiencing vulnerability

Many financial services organisations are rethinking how they connect with people experiencing vulnerability amid increased public scrutiny and regulatory pressure.

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How dynamic profiling can give super funds an edge to connect with low-engagement members

All superannuation funds seek to offer a unique value proposition to their members. For some, this is led by a deep understanding of a specific industry or workplace. While a few funds have achieved scale and maintained a dominant position in their specific industry, for many this proposition has been diluted.

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Leading differently so culture change in financial services actually sticks

Customers, policy makers, regulators and investors are asking the sector to be different. Here is what we need to do differently to ensure leadership and culture-building delivers better results.

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