We work with clients who make, administer or are impacted by regulation to help them get the best possible outcomes.


We work with clients who make, administer or are impacted by regulation to help them get the best possible outcomes.

At its best, regulation can create the right environment to manage risks and set up communities and businesses to thrive. But done badly, it can be a handbrake on innovation that imposes costs that far exceed the rewards. 

Getting good outcomes requires fitting together all pieces of the regulatory puzzle: 

  • Legislative frameworks guided by good policy and design 
  • High-functioning operating models to administer regulations efficiently, effectively and with impact 
  • Stakeholders supported to understand their regulatory obligations and to comply 
  • A culture of continuous improvement, informed by regular evaluation and adaptation. 

We are a unique provider of regulation services, providing end-to-end support. As well as being technical experts in regulation, we work creatively and care about the outcomes. 

Our consulting services include

Regulatory policy

Our regulatory policy work supports you to get the policy and legislative settings right. We use several methodologies to identify the problem to solve (or the opportunity to capture) and develop frameworks to achieve this. We are expert in regulatory reviews and evaluations, impact statements and drafting instructions. We thrive in complex stakeholder environments and help you to navigate jurisdictional boundaries.

Regulatory practice

Our regulatory practice work focuses on the craft of regulation and how things get done. We support clients with defining their regulatory posture and approach; redesigning their processes; uplifting capability and capacity; and embedding digital solutions. We also help redefine and reset relationships between regulators and the communities they regulate to navigate risks of regulatory capture while being highly collaborative.

Regulated entity experience

Our entity experience work seeks to streamline regulatory requirements and make it as easy as possible for entities to comply. Drawing on our design, data and digital practice, we reimagine the experience for entities as they engage with regulators or governments. We can make things as easy as possible, resulting in clearer communication, more risk-based processes and timelier outcomes. 


We bring expertise and understanding to the task



Helping stakeholders have their say on a new model of employment services

We worked with the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business to undertake stakeholder consultations to inform employment services.

A couple look at a house under construction

Local solutions improve planning approvals in Australia

We helped to make it easier for the thousands of Australian residents and businesses who engage in the planning process each year.


For regulators, good outcomes hinge on a strong regulatory culture

We are pleased to share the Nous Regulatory Culture Framework. Our framework distils elements of regulatory culture and themes these under three recognised principles of good regulator performance.

Older and younger hands offer comfort

In pursuit of a ‘good death’: Our lessons learned in supporting voluntary assisted dying programs across Australia

Policy makers, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and the community have sought to empower individuals to make decisions about their end-of-life care.

A mix of people around a board table

Intersectional analysis is not just good to have – it is essential for designing policy programs that deliver equitable outcomes

Intersectional analysis is vital for any policy and program designer who is aiming to meet the diverse needs in a population.