Upholding our values of transparency, trust, fairness and compassion during a tumultuous year, Nous Group has topped the list in the 2021 Best Places to Work study.

Nous placed No. 1 for Australian businesses with more than 100 employees in the Best Places to Work, in results announced on 18 August. Nous has previously been honoured as a Best Place to Work four times in Australia (2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019) and twice in Asia (2016 and 2018). Nous has opted to enter every two years.

Tim Orton, Nous Founder and Managing Principal, said the Best Places to Work result was a testament to the collaboration and adaptability the Nous team had shown during the disruption of COVID-19.

“The pandemic upended the way many of us work but it made more important than ever our five reasons for being: positive influence, intellectual stimulation, energy and growth, care and connection, and revenue and profit,” Tim said.

“Our commitment to our reasons for being meant we thrived amid massive disruption. Our 450-strong team across five countries has shown the best of Nous values. We did not have a single redundancy due to the pandemic and have been able to reward the dedication of our Nous team for their hard work hard during difficult times.”

Sally Pritchard, Chief People Officer at Nous, said the Best Places to Work Award showed that our people, known as Nousers, valued the organisation’s transparent, respectful approach.

“Much of the feedback we have received from Nousers has pointed to the quality of the leadership during COVID-19,” Sally said. “Our Managing Principal took a transparent approach to sharing information with our team, so everyone understood how we were progressing through the pandemic and how we were preparing to emerge stronger than ever.

“The pandemic-impacted work environment has shown the benefits of Nous’ flexibility, which allows people to work in whatever way will best meet the needs of our clients. Whether this means working from client sites, from our network of offices or from home, our people are able to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.”

In a confidential survey that formed part of the Best Places to Work study, more than 95 per cent of Nous employees agreed with statements including “My manager trusts me to do a good job”, “This is a friendly place to work”, “I can see a clear link between my work and the company goals and objectives” and “The leadership team has a clear view of where the organisation is going and how to get there”.

Nous is proud of several distinctive qualities that set us apart from other professional services organisations:

  • Compelling purpose, centred on positive influence and making a difference
  • Information sharing, which gives employees access to an array of corporate information while protecting client confidentiality
  • A shared bonus, which all permanent employees can choose to participate in and gives a stake in the performance of the whole business, encouraging people to focus on collective rather than individual success
  • Performance and feedback, including our regular project feedback and Human Capital process that delivers development feedback to colleagues
  • A strong collaborative culture where colleagues respect and value contributions from each other in a spirit of generosity.

You can learn more about our culture and available roles on our careers page.