Defence & Security

Defence & Security

The world is facing escalating strategic risks. Global terrorism, failed states, regional conflicts and home-grown political violence are increasing demands on defence and security agencies. The freedom with which people, capital and information can cross borders, and the ubiquity of the cyber world, also present new challenges to our security.

Our consultants work with Defence forces, agencies and industry on transformative programs including major service designs, new operating models, culture change and leadership development.

Nous is 100 per cent Australian-owned, has a broad portfolio of consulting capabilities in our Australian offices. We participate in the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), so you can be confident that your work with us will be secure.

Our consulting services include

Defence forces

Defence forces need cultures, leaders and operating models that foster the important discussions that are essential to national prosperity and security. Our consultants deliver large-scale, complex transformations for Defence forces, including uplifting their leadership capability and culture to exemplify the values Australians expect.

Defence agencies

With the Australian Government committing $270 billion over 10 years to strengthen the nation’s defences, agencies in Defence face significant challenges and opportunities. Our consultants work with Defence agencies to help them scale up to meet growing expectations and to deliver services efficiently and effectively.

Defence industry

To compete in a highly contested space, defence contractors must analyse their environment, war-game scenarios and pursue growth strategies. They must have a unique value proposition and clear strategy – with the ability to deliver on both. Our consultants help defence contractors establish operating models that enable them to deliver on their commitments and mobilise rapidly as opportunities arise.

Security and intelligence

Security is no longer just a matter for government, so government must engage with businesses, financial institutions and the community to understand, anticipate and address threats. Our consultants help security and intelligence organisations perform at their best, drawing on expertise in organisation and ICT design.


Nous a key partner in delivering ADF’s new Health Knowledge Management system

We are pleased to be part of a consortium of companies that is delivering a Health Knowledge Management system to support healthcare services across the Australian Defence Force.

Army jet planes

Inside modernising operations on Defence bases

In this episode of NousCast we head inside Australia’s Department of Defence, where the division responsible for delivering services to Defence facilities was seeking to modernise its operations.

Naval Ship sailing through the ocean

To transform culture, banks could learn from an unlikely role-model: the Navy

The banks have no shortage of advice coming their way, but much of this advice is from the very same experts, some would say fellow travellers, who have ‘helped’ them over the past two decades. To effect genuine change requires new thinking from new sources.